“At its core, geomatics is a land management tool. The land may be a factory, city, forest stand, or drainage basin. Geomatics affects many different sectors and relies on a variety of technologies to acquire, analyze, and release land information to facilitate management and decision making.”

Carl Côté – CEO

Three Specialized Divisions
At the heart of Groupe Nippour’s business model are three complementary divisions, each specializing in a particular area of land management.

This division provides solutions in the areas of environment, forestry, emergency preparedness, land-use management, engineering, and construction.

The synergy at work within Groupe Nippour's team of specialists, combined with the expertise of its business partners in various sectors, enable the company to provide a wide range of land-management solutions.
This division allows the company to provide specialized services in highprecision GPS and bathymetric data collection through the use of cutting-edge equipment.

Moreover, the company's expertise in visual simulation and 3D modeling represents added value for clients who want more realistic representations of the land.
This division rounds out Groupe Nippour's range of services by providing project support to its team of professionals using database analysis and modeling, as well as by developing utilities and software in various programming languages.

The programming team has solid expertise in a number of areas, including in the development of solutions for releasing spatial reference data on an intranet or the internet, in accordance with industry standards.
News and events

Soon: Maps Showing Forest Roads, Updated!

May 7, 2010

The Groupe Nippour plans to update a certain number of forest road maps that were first published in 2003. 

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Groupe Nippour invested $276 552 to purchase equipment and improve productivity

February 22, 2010

The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of State for Canada Economic Development, today announced the awarding of $81,912 in repayable funding to Groupe Nippour Inc. for the acquisition of data capture equipment that will enable the firm to develop new visual simulation and 3D land modeling solutions.

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